Forever is just a lie

If someone tells you forever, they either don’t understand what forever means or they are full of shit


Why did no one warn me about this? Why was I the last to know
Always on the edge
Always on the outside looking in. Wondering what it would be like if I was someone’s first choice.

Been taking stupid chances with my heart
Yet somehow I never let people in
How is it that I always lose
When I never even go all in

Maybe that’s why
Maybe that’s why I’m living like this
Maybe that’s why I’ll never win

Was it even real?

Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie?
If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

'Cause I'm not fine at all

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
And forget about all the stupid little things
Like the way it felt to fall asleep right next to you
And the memories I never can escape

'Cause I'm not fine at all

The pictures that you sent me they’re still living in my phone
I’ll admit I like to see them, I’ll admit I feel alone
And all my friends keep asking why I’m not around

It hurts to know you’re happy, yeah, it hurts that you’ve moved on
It’s hard to hear your name when I haven’t seen you in so long

It’s like we never happened, was it just a lie?
If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

'Cause I'm not fine at all

Tell me this is just a dream
‘Cause I’m really not fine at all


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People are crazy

I’ve spent my 18 years of life trying to be okay with the fact that humans fade in and out of each others’ lives. No matter how I think about it, I can’t make it sound romantic or poetic. To those who have already passed through my life and to those who eventually will: I love you. I miss you. The back door will always be unlocked if you ever feel like coming home.